These Are the Witchiest, Most Haunted Hotels in Salem, Mass.


Oct. 6 2023, Published 12:49 p.m. ET

Two people dressed as witches walking in Salem, MA.
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In 1692, a group of 19 people and two dogs were executed in Salem, MA, after being accused of witchcraft. The Salem witch trials are known as the deadliest witch hunt in colonial times, and many people now visit the Massachusetts city to learn more about this dark part of U.S. history.

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If you’re brave enough to explore the eerie and supernatural, there are several haunted hotels in Salem, MA, you may want to check out. We've conjured up a list of four of the most haunted hotels Salem.

Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel opened in 1925, well after the Salem witch trials. However, the land it sits on played a central role in the trials. Back in 1692, the land was an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop. Bishop was the first person to be executed for witchcraft in Salem, per Haunted Rooms. Guests to the Hawthorne Hotel report the smell of apples throughout the hotel, and some people have seen a spectral woman in Room 612.

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Other ghostly activities at the hospital have been attributed to the Salem Marine Society, which occupied the top floor of the building. Some believe that the ghosts of sailors still lurk in rooms on the top floor, sometimes getting into locked-up items and throwing them around the rooms, per Ghost City Tours.

The Hawthorne Hotel is located at 18 Washington Square W.

The Salem Inn

The Salem Inn is haunted by at least three ghosts, according to the hotel’s website. Guests have seen a specter of a cat and heard the footsteps of a boy running up and down the hotel halls and stairways. And then there is Katherine, the ghost of a woman many employees have experienced as a rush of cold air. She is also believed to be the ghost haunting Room 17 of the hotel.

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According to Salem Ghosts, a psychic claimed the ghostly woman was killed by her husband. Now, if a man is brave enough to stay in Room 17, he may not get much sleep because the ghost bangs on walls, stomps around the room, and makes other loud noises.

The Salem Inn is found at 7 Summer Street.

The Merchant

The Merchant is said to be haunted by one of the Salem witch trial victims, Giles Cory. Cory was one of five men executed for witchcraft in 1692. When he was arrested, he refused to enter a plea, so he was tortured by pressing, where heavy weights were put on him until he confessed. He died after three days of torture.

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Coincidently, the man conducting Corey’s torture, Sheriff George Corwin, is also said to haunt The Merchant. The building was his residence in 1692 when he tortured Corey and perhaps others, per Via Travelers.

You'll find The Merchant at 148 Washington Street.

The Daniels House Inn

The Daniels House Inn is one of the oldest buildings in Salem. It was built in 1667, before the witch trials began, and has been used as a boarding house, nursery, and tea room. According to Haunted Rooms, the Daniels House’s ghostly guests include a cat, an unknown woman, and a man in Puritan clothes.

The Daniels House Inn is located at 1 Daniels St.

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