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Source: Pexels

8 Ways To Make Your Car More Efficient

By Kristin Hunt

It’s easier than ever to own an electric car. Manufacturers continue to roll out exciting new models each year, as major store chains and hotels add EV charge stations to their parking lots. The market is there and so are the savings, since electric cars are dramatically cheaper to run, costing 2.3 times less on average than gasoline-burning cars.

But not everyone is ready to make the switch. Replacing cars is expensive and, if you have a perfectly functioning sedan, a bit wasteful. So what can the owners of gas-guzzlers do to lessen their impact on the environment? The answer is simple: Improve their mileage.

Getting more miles per gallon means you’re consuming less fuel, which in turn means you’re saving money you would otherwise spend at the pump. Boosting your car’s fuel efficiency is thus a win-win for you and the planet, so here are eight tips to help you get started.