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Source: Twitter

Target Is Adding EV Charging Stations To 100 Stores By 2020

By Brian Spaen

Target is vastly expanding their electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots across the United States. Working with companies like Tesla and ChargePoint, they’ll be installing over 600 designated spots in at least 100 store locations. The retail store notes the large number of EVs expected to sell by 2020 and it helps lower their carbon footprint.

Earlier this week, Target announced that they would be installing EV charging stations in five times as many locations as it sits right now. Instead of just five states, these will now be found in 20 different states across the country over the next two years. Their goal is to add convenience for customers on the fence about switching to an EV.

Electric vehicle charging stations were first implemented at target in a collaboration with ChargePoint in 2012. They helped pilot faster Superchargers from Tesla beginning last year. Stores that already have these features are located in Minnesota (where their headquarters are), California, Hawai’i, North Carolina, and Texas.