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Source: Istock/gpointstudio

The Surprising Ways Music And Art Festivals Are Going Green

By Paul Farrugia

All around the world, the festival market is booming. From boutique affairs to mega events, there is something for everyone. However, as the number of these public celebrations has grown, often in response to an increase in their size and popularity, so too has concern about their sustainability.

In the United Kingdom alone – the country whose festivals I know best – thousands of festivals fill the calendar, even with a sluggish economy. Just in 2015, 3.17 million people attended a UK festival.

Fortunately, in the last 10 years, sometimes driven by consumer demand but also inspired by their own desires to lower their carbon footprints, festival organizers have made great progress integrating sustainability into their plans and operations, including initiatives like selling discounted tickets to anyone who arrives by public transport and running entirely on power from renewable resources.

The main areas of concern are waste management, energy consumption, transport, water, and the supply chain.

Source: Istock/joegolby