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Source: Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Courtesy of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

10 Stunning Hotels From Around The World That Run On Renewable Energy


Hotels all around the world are making efforts to be more eco-friendly. From using less water to building with sustainable materials, there seem to be endless options for properties to minimize their environmental impact. 

As many eco-conscious travelers are keeping tabs on their CO2 flight emissions by purchasing carbon offsets, the sky is the limit for travelers who want to explore the world responsibly. Read on to explore how ten hotels around the world are incorporating renewable energy into their properties.

1. Star Island - Eleuthera, Bahamas

In recent years, properties all over the Caribbean have been shifting towards renewable sources of energy as a form of more reliable and cleaner power. Just a quick 15-minute boat ride from the famous pinks sands in Harbour Island, STAR Island is one of the hotels that has completely embraced a sustainable system. 

STAR Island’s tropical environment gives guests an immersive experience in nature with opportunities such as diving and sailing. For reliable energy that can power the property during hurricane season, the hotel has solar panels that harness the Caribbean’s abundant sunshine and can power the hotel even through the night.