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Source: Pexels

This Small Town In Wales Has Gone Completely Plastic-Free


A town with a population of about 2,000 people in Wales has just been officially recognized as a plastic-free community. The citizens of Aberporth have been working hard to get plastic out of their stores and off their beaches, and it definitely required a team effort. Wales Online visited Aberporth to talk to them about the process of getting everyone on board for change, despite the potential extra cost.

The campaign began after a local filmmaker named Gail Tudor returned after a long boat trip around the U.K.'s shores. While on her trip, Tudor became aware of the dangerous rise of ocean plastic. In particular, microplastics. Tiny pieces of plastic do eventually degrade from larger waste items. They're consumed by fish and make it into our food supply chain and even our drinking water. There are even many beauty and cleaning products that deliberately add plastic microbeads for their power as exfoliants or surface cleaners, and those end up in the water, too.