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Source: Pexels

How A Simulation Game Is Inspiring Climate Action

By Kristin Hunt

How do you make the realities of the environment accessible and engaging? People have tried all sorts of methods, from bucket challenges to eye-popping art. But a new study suggests that a simulated role-playing game could be the best way to inspire environmental action.

This game is called World Climate Simulation, and it’s essentially Model UN meets Choose Your Own Adventure. Players are broken into teams representing different countries, all with different resources and concerns. They lobby for certain actions, debating other teams throughout the game for the best solution. When coalitions reach an agreement, they tell the moderator — and that’s when things get interesting.

Using a computer simulation, the moderator instantly shows the impact of their chosen action. The ocean pH levels might shift, the amount of the carbon in the air could rise or fall. If the sea levels rise, the moderator might even pull a blue tarp over the players’ heads to illustrate the effect, as seen in the video below.