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Source: Pixabay

This New Bucket Challenge Has An Environmental Twist

By Kristin Hunt

In the summer of 2014, the ice bucket challenge took social media by storm. Thousands of people dumped freezing cold water on themselves in the name of ALS awareness, posting the results in videos for all their friends to see. Now, there’s a new bucket challenge gaining traction among Louisiana fishers. It’s called the 5 gallon bucket challenge, and it aims to eliminate waste from local waters.

According to Fox affiliate WVUE, the challenge launched on Facebook just over a week ago. The idea came from Leonard Bergeron, a fisher based in Houma, Louisiana. Bergeron started bringing a 5 gallon bucket with him on fishing trips, filling the bucket with trash clustered around the water bank before he cast any lines. He wanted others to join him, so he posted a video to Facebook and YouTube explaining the basics.

“If you’re fishing on the bank [and] you see a lot of trash, pick it up, throw it in the bucket,” he said in the footage. “Post it. Make a video.”