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Source: IMDB

Winter Is Here: How Game Of Thrones Inspires Environmental Discussion


With millions of viewers and multimillion-dollar budgets, HBO's "Game of Thrones" has been breaking records since its first season. It’s also probably one of the most theorized and dissected storylines in modern tv history. One unlikely but compelling theory fans often suggest is that the storyline is a metaphor for modern day global warming.  

This theory is based on the overarching storyline where a dangerous force is descending from the north to wipe out the human race while major political leaders are too busy fighting to listen to the warnings. Even the original book title hints at a war between “fire and ice” which can be interpreted as a conflict between extreme elements. 

Even if it was never intended to touch on modern day climate change issues, the show has sparked a healthy discussion about it. Teachers and activists alike are glad the metaphor is encouraging people to debate real life issues. Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State expressed, “Scientists and science communicators need to take advantage of cultural references that allow people to understand the nature of the challenge.” In "Game of Thrones As Theory," Charli Carpenter, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts, argues that, “the pursuit of short-term objectives distracts players from the truly pressing issues of human survival and stability.”

For those who are not so convinced there's a link, let's take a closer look at the analogies sprinkled throughout the show. **Spoiler alerts ahead**