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Source: hoodlamb

5 Eco-Friendly Jackets Perfect For Fall

By Marissa Higgins

Fall fashion is known for a lot of things. Denim, knitted scarves, and of course, the perfect jacket. If you're outdoorsy, you might want a jacket that has great protection against fall storms. Or, you may be eager to hike, and looking for something with great insulation. And no matter what your lifestyle is, pretty much everybody wants a staple jacket they can put over any outfit.

When shopping for a new fall jacket, you might wonder: What are the best sustainable jacket brands? Some people, like vegans and vegetarians, choose not to buy certain fabrics and materials for ethical reasons. For example, that ever-chic leather jacket is often a negative when shopping for a vegan. Other materials, like suede and even down, can come with similar barriers.

Luckily, if you're shopping with animal rights or simply sustainability in general in mind, there are plenty of options on the market for sustainable fall coats