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Source: mail111

5 Sustainable Inventions That Could Save The Planet

By Nicole Caldwell

A machine to eat garbage. Energy run by ocean tides. Life on Mars.

Humans have sought industrious means to solve cultural ills ever since we started walking upright. But lately, the stakes have gone way up.

We’re reaching capacity for the human population, and that’s bringing with it water crises, food shortages, and sped-up climate change that may have us facing increasingly violent storms and raised water levels worldwide much sooner than anyone thought.

To meet these challenges, thinkers, scientists, researchers, engineers and even children are scrambling to figure out means to counteract the damage we’re causing. CNN recently rounded up five inventions that could be just what we need to tip the tables in our environmental favor. Here they are.

Drinkable ocean water 

Approximately 783 million people, or 11 percent of humans on the planet, live without access to clean water for drinking, irrigation, and hundreds of other uses. Researchers in the United Kingdom seek to solve that problem. They have created a graphene sleeve out of carbon that can filter and desalinate ocean water, making it drinkable and effectively solving our freshwater crisis.