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Source: TobiasD

This Company Plans To Feed And Power The World With CO2


Green Matters teamed up with WeWork for the month of April to celebrate Earth Day 2018 with a #workgreen challenge and Q&A series spotlighting sustainability-minded WeWork member companies. In this installment, we’re sitting down with Dr. Lisa Dyson, CEO of Kiverdi.

Company name: Kiverdi

What they do: Kiverdi uses natural microbes to turn carbon dioxide and other gases into oils, nutrients and bio-based products, from food and personal care items to clothing and biofuels. 

Location: Hayward, CA

Why Kiverdi is so valuable: Our global food system is responsible for up to a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. With the human population expected to swell to around 10 million by 2050, it’s more important than ever that we figure out a way to live sustainably. Part of that requires us to rethink our entire food-production model. That’s where Kiverdi comes in.