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Source: tobi/pexels

This Italian Fabric Company Gives Scraps A Second Life In Fashion


Fast fashion has been creating textile waste that clogs landfills for decades, but it's hard for consumers to break the habit of buying their wardrobe new. Finding sustainably produced clothing that's also affordable is a challenge for many, especially families with growing kids, or people who have jobs with specific clothing expectations. Recycling clothes is a challenge as well, as there are few places that can make use of old textiles, or have the process in place to do so. According to Newsweek, 84 percent of unwanted clothing ended up either in a landfill or an incinerator in 2016.

There are many who feel the only approach possible for reducing fashion waste is to make the recycling of materials a part of the production process, normalizing the reuse of fabric. A group in Italy called Associazione Tessile Riciclato Italiana, or the Italian Association of Recycled Textiles, is pushing for just that. Called A.S.T.R.I. for short, the organization focuses on recycling wool specifically, and promoting sustainability in production, Eluxe Magazine reports.