People Are Sharing Their Senior Dogs Who “Will Not Die” and It’s the Sweetest Trend Ever

When you adopt a dog there is no telling how long they will actually live. Who knows? It could be 25 years.

Eva Hagan - Author

Mar. 25 2024, Published 1:28 p.m. ET

A still from @lexilarsen_'s TikTok video of her dog (left), a still from @morganlaubailey's TikTok video, a still from @xancollective's video of his dog.
Source: lexilarsen, morganlaubailey,xancollective/TikTok

Being a human guardian to a senior dog can be equally rewarding and difficult. Watching your dog age over time can be hard, and I think it's safe to say that most of us have probably wished our pets could live forever. But every dog ages differently, and some senior dogs continue to evade death.

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Take Bobbi for instance, who was the oldest dog in known history who died at the age of 31 in October 2023. So, if you need something to lift your spirits, here are some stories of senior dogs who will not die.

A happy senior dog stands outside while wearing a colorful bandana on their neck.
Source: iStock
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TikTok creators are showing off their senior dogs who "will not die."

In a video posted by @morganlaubailey, the creator asked if anyone else had a dog that "will not die." She adopted her dog as a hospice dog, and after their last trip to the emergency vet, she was told that he needed a miracle to survive. Luckily, a miracle did happen, and her dog was fine the next day! Creator @morganlaubailey said, "..he's on his like 900th miracle. I'm not complaining, I want this dog to live forever."

Since the video was posted, people have been replying with stories of their senior dogs who have also been defying death.

In one video @mom_of_sass described her 17-year-old chihuahua, Frankenstein, with everything from "heart disease to kidney disease," but still looks like a puppy and is happy waking up every day. She jokingly credits his long years to the fact that they feed him like a king by preparing him steak daily.

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In this stitch by @caracusson, the caption reads "Pushing 15 and a half, barely functioning, and refuses to die as long as there are still treats." Which you can see to be the truth as her dog eagerly takes a treat.

In this adorable video, creator @lexilarsen_'s dog is celebrating their 18th birthday party. He even put on a party hat for the big day.

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In a stitch by @xancollective, you meet 25-year-old Luna, who not only seems to be living forever, but has a tongue that won't stop growing, and also ate her puppies. Maybe that's the key to immortality.

In this video, @abc062288 films her 15 year old husky. She says "She is the healthiest dog I know, there's no end in sight. Going on 15 years, if she hits 20, I wouldn't be surprised."

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Senior dogs are so special, but are often overlooked by adopters.

If these videos haven't already made you fall in love with senior dogs, here's why you should consider adopting one.

Adult dogs often do not get adopted. Whether they end up in shelters after being previously owned or found on the street, these dogs are not at fault for their past, and deserve love just as much, per The Animal Foundation.

This shows the importance of "adopt don't shop," because by adopting an older dog, you are not only avoiding supporting harmful breeders, but you are saving a dog in need, per Worldwide Veterinary Service.

Another reason to consider a senior dog is that they will likely mind their manners and have a calmer temperament than a younger dog. What I mean is that you probably won't have to go through an entire training process like a puppy. And even if they need a bit of guidance, adult dogs learn new behaviors much faster than puppies, per The Animal Foundation.

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