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6 Sustainable Bath And Hygiene Products Perfect For Babies And Toddlers

By Maria Cook

It's a fact of life: kids get dirty. But getting them clean again shouldn't have to mean dowsing their sensitive skin in harsh ingredients, like those often found in traditional soaps, scrubs, and even lotions. Nor should it mean dealing with washing chemicals down the drain at the expense of the environment. Better to clean and condition your child's skin with something gentler and better for the environment. These six eco-friendly bath and skincare products are fantastic for children and come in some lovely scents, to boot.

1. Method Baby Squeaky Clean Green Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is one of the most important products a parent can buy. Preventing painful rashes and irritating reactions is a must. To that end, try Method Baby Squeaky Clean Diaper Cream. Made from all-natural, hypo-allergenic ingredients and packaged in 100 percent recycled materials, it is a cream that parents can truly feel good about using. And it can even help to clear up existing diaper rash! 

2. Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo and Body Wash

Source: Nature's Baby

Read the ingredients on many shampoo bottles, and you might be surprised to see that they closely mimic dish and laundry detergent ingredients. Such ingredients dry out hair and can cause split ends and scalp irritation. And of course, washing such ingredients down the drain isn't great for the environment either. 

For an alternative, consider this two-in-one shampoo and body wash from Nature's Baby Organics. Made with all-organic ingredients including aloe, safflower oil and chamomile, it boasts great moisturizing capabilities. It is also available in several delectable scents, including vanilla tangerine and coconut pineapple. As an added bonus, this shampoo's ingredients are also 100 percent vegan as well. 

3. All Terrain Wonder Wash Soap

Source: Amazon

Though not made specifically for kids, All Terrain's Wonder Wash soap is fragrance free and safe for all members of the family. This soap is formulated to be PH Neutral, so it's safe to use even on irritated or sunburned skin. All ingredients used in this soap are biodegradable, so washing it away after bath time won't harm the environment.