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Source: Halfpoint/istock

6 Gifts For Mom That Are Great For Both Her And The Planet


Have an eco-conscious mother in your life? Or simply a mom who appreciates unique gifts? Or maybe that mom is you! In any case, this Mother's Day, choose a gift, or nudge your family in the direction of a gift you'd like, that won't negatively impact the planet and is sure to make any mom smile. 

And remember: Mother's Day is a holiday where we can celebrate all sorts of mother figures in our lives, including grandmothers, step-moms, aunts, and even family friends and neighbors who have supported us over the years. Here are six green gifts perfect for any kind of mom you want to honor this Mother's Day.

1. Jewelry by Andrea Bonelli

What mom doesn't love jewelry? If you're looking to give her something that sparkles with an eco-conscious twist, then look no further than the elegant stylings of designer Andrea Bonelli. Bonelli's jewelry is made with ethically sourced stones and metals. This means that these materials were not only mined with low environmental impact, but also that the miners themselves were paid fairly. 

Bonelli is also a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, which provides jewelers in West Africa with tools and supplies to encourage their ability to work autonomously through the Toolbox Initiative. Her jewelry features beautiful stones and unique metalwork that will make mom stand out in a crowd.