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6 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Hydrated This Spring


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As the weather warms up, hydration becomes more important than ever. But many traditional juices and drinks, especially those marketed to kids, contain too much sugar, too many preservatives, artificial dyes, and other unhealthy ingredients. Luckily, there are better alternatives. Here are six healthy ways to keep kids hydrated this spring and summer, whether you're spending the day in the backyard, at the beach, or hanging out at home.

1. Make their water durable.

Consuming pure water is the most basic and most important part of staying hydrated, for both adults and kids. If kids are venturing beyond their backyards on a hot day, they should always be equipped with water. The question is, how to give it to them? Plastic water bottles are famously bad for the environment, but many reusable bottles are made from plastic, which many believe can lead to chemicals seeping into the water. Plastic bottles are also apt to get punctured or cracked, especially when they are clipped to the hips or backpacks of active kids. 

For an eco-friendly bottle that won't crack under pressure, consider stainless steel varieties, such as those from Klean Kanteen. Many of these bottles are also insulated, so water stays cold all day as long as the bottle is tightly shut.