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5 Ways To Protect Your Family From The Sun Without Harsh Chemicals


Summer is just around the corner, so it's important to keep kids (and ourselves!) protected from the sun. In fact, as we all know, it's important to take care of our skin no matter the season or how much time you spend outside directly. Even if you aren't spending the day at the beach, you can still get quite the sunburn or other skin damage, making it reasonable for parents to want to their slather their kids in sunscreen. 

However, many traditional brands of sunscreen contain harsh chemicals which research has linked to endocrine-disruption, and fragrances which can cause skin irritation. Luckily, other options do exist. Here are five healthy ways to stay protected from the sun. And remember: Always consult your doctor when it comes to your health to determine what is best for you and your family.

1. Make your own sunscreen at home

Parabens, retionol, fragrances and oxybenzone are just some of the ingredients in traditional sunscreens that can make parents wary. It's enough to make you wish that you could just make a better lotion yourself. Well, you can! The internet is full of recipes for all-natural sunscreens. Most call for ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive.

One popular recipe calls for just five ingredients. And don't be intimidated by the recipe's inclusion of zinc-oxide. It is a natural ingredient used to treat everything from burns to hemorrhoids, and can also protect against UV damage from the sun. It can be found online and in certain drug stores for a reasonable price. If you'd like your DIY sunscreen to smell more like a traditional lotion, just add citrus or essential oils to make it smell naturally great. Adding aloe can also create a cool, comforting feel.