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Source: iStock

Zero-Waste Uses for Basil Around the House


In my house, Sundays are “Sauce Sundays,” which means my mom cooks homemade sauce and pasta for never less than 10 people. And if you’re the lucky person who gets the basil leaf spooned onto their plate, then you win $1. But basil isn’t just good for leaving my parents’ house with an extra buck in my pocket; basil has so many health benefits and uses many of us overlook.

Basil is super zero-waste because, well, you can grow it at home! It doesn’t come wrapped in plastic or any other kind of single-use packaging. It comes out of the ground! That’s about as zero-waste as it gets. At the end of its lifespan, it organically decomposes so it can be added to your compost, but because it’s alive, it can last you a long, long time.