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A Guide to Houseplants That Purify the Air

By Stephanie Osmanski

Who knew that “going green” could mean literally going green? In fact, the more air-purifying indoor houseplants you have throughout your home, the better the air quality and in many cases, the happier the people. And because houseplants are natural “home décor” if you will, they have long shelf-lives, are devoid of harmful toxins and chemicals, and at the end of their lives, break down into organic matter. Basically, we would all benefit from replacing every bit of plastic in our homes with a plant instead.

In short, there’s no better (or healthier!) way to decorate than with houseplants. It’s good for you, it’s zero waste, and it’s pretty.

Aside from plants being aesthetically pleasing, they’re really important to our health. Plants actually purify the air around us. Houseplants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which keeps the air quality fresh and fleshes out harmful toxins. In fact, NASA has unearthed data that shows houseplants have the ability to remove up to 87 percent of toxins in the air in just 24 hours.