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Source: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell Is Developing Sustainable Packaging and Making Dining Easier For Vegetarians


Taco Bell has been a longtime favorite spot for vegetarians and vegans to get a quick meal on-the-go — and the company plans to continue catering to eco-conscious consumers over the next five years and beyond. The fast food chain just announced a list of commitments for the near future, including goals to make packaging more sustainable and to "celebrate vegetarian."

Taco Bell announced the company's 2020 commitments on Thursday, Jan. 9. As detailed in press materials sent to Green Matters, by 2025, Taco Bell aims to make all consumer-facing packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable. To supplement that, Taco Bell locations (where infrastructure allows) will install recycling and/or compost bins. Additionally, Taco Bell's consumer-facing packaging will no longer include PFAS, Phthalates, or BPA. Those three ingredients are commonly found in plastic packaging and have been linked to various health concerns.

Even though compostable and recyclable packaging is certainly better than plastic-based packaging that is destined to go to the landfill, the truth is, most customers do not properly recycle or compost their packaging, even if recycling and compost bins are available in fast food restaurants. Hopefully as Taco Bell rolls out new packaging between now and 2025, the company will also create efforts to educate customers on how to properly dispose of it.