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Source: iSto

Ocean Pollution by Country: See the Worst Offenders


Ocean pollution is no joke. It’s related to everything — climate change, the fate of marine life, our health and diets, and is even directly related to those dangerous, toxic algae blooms you keep hearing about. Ocean pollution is mostly made up of plastic that finds its way into our waterways and consists of two main categories: chemical pollution and straight-up trash. While ocean pollution is an international issue that requires immediate attention, you might be wondering which countries are the worst polluting offenders? Keep reading to find out which countries are polluting our oceans the most and more!

How much of our ocean’s pollution is plastic?

We know that plastic pollution in our world’s oceans is a massive problem. It does not matter how plastic is getting into our waterways — whether it is deliberately dumped or is blowing away from landfills and into oceans, it’s all bad. What does matter is just how much ocean pollution there is; according to Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans yearly. And that’s on top of the already 150 million metric tons estimated to currently have already infiltrated our waterways.

As the fight for a trash-free sea continues, researchers have been looking at the statistics of ocean pollution by country. According to data obtained in 2010, the United States is responsible for 0.30 metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste and 0.11 metric tons of plastic marine debris that, in total, end up in global waters. 

So, where does the U.S. stand in comparison to other countries who also pollute our oceans?