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Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City Is Establishing a Congestion Toll in Congested Midtown


There's always traffic in Manhattan — and soon, drivers will have to pay to participate. On Sunday, March 31, New York state legislators finalized the 2020 Budget, including a clause that will introduce tolls on cars driving into midtown. Additionally, as part of approving the budget plan, lawmakers officially approved a statewide ban on stores handing out single-use plastic bags.

As explained on Governor Andrew Cuomo's website, the program is called Central Business District Tolling, and it is the first program like this in the country. Here's how it works: the New York City Department of Transportation will install electronic tolling portals along the edges of Manhattan, everywhere south of 60th Street. When cars drive past these points, they will be charged a fee, which has yet to be announced.