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Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix's 'Our Planet' Has People in Tears — And Ready to Do Good for the Earth


Last week, Netflix released the new docuseries Our Planet, narrated by historian David Attenborough. The eight-episode series shows footage of animals living life in their natural habitats from all over the world, and the vivid imagery has been successful in conveying the show's underlying message: that we need to protect the Earth. Over the weekend, as people settled into their couches for a good binge watch, many took to Twitter to comment on Our Planet

At first, Our Planet may just seem like a bunch of astonishing shots of nature set to Attenborough's soothing voice. But as the show goes on, it quickly becomes clear that the people behind the footage really want people to understand just how bad climate change is. They want people to walk away from the show feeling empowered to do something to mitigate the destruction of the planet. And luckily, many viewers did.