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Source: PRNewsfoto/Cascadian Farm

Kernza, The First Perennial Grain, Inches Closer to Low-Impact Commercialization With New Cereal


Trendy breakfasts like avocado toast and smoothie bowls could soon be pushed aside for something a little different: Kernza. For decades, researchers have been working on developing the grain, which they believe could have a much lower environmental impact than other grains used for cereal. Kernza has been making headlines as of late, because The Land Institute and General Mills recently rolled out the first test batch of Honey Toasted Kernza cereal. That said, here's everything you need to know about Kernza. 

An organization called The Land Institute officially began breeding Kernza in 2003, back when it was known as intermediate wheatgrass. Since then, the organization has given intermediate wheatgrass a glow up with the much trendier name Kernza. What sets Kernza apart from other grains is that it's perennial, meaning it does not need to be reseeded and replanted every season, meaning it has less of an impact on the planet.