Jeffree Star Owns a Mostly Vegan Makeup Company and a Yak Farm — Is He Plant-Based?

Kori Williams - Author

Jun. 30 2022, Published 2:39 p.m. ET

Social media star, Jeffree Star, is notorious for controversy. Whether it's the inflammatory comments he makes online, or his associations with questionable people, he's a big personality with a lot of drama.

But in addition to his mostly vegan cosmetics company, he's started a new business venture involving a yak farm. Now, people are wondering if he's actually vegan — here's the truth.

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Is Jeffree Star vegan?

Although his company is plant-based, Star apparently isn't vegan, and he maintains he has never claimed to be.

Back in May 2022, Star responded to a tweet by someone who tried to call him out for selling vegan makeup without actually being vegan himself. They called it a "conflict of interest."

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For Star, there is no conflict. "I chose to create a cosmetics line that doesn’t torture and test on animals," he said in his response. "We all know I’ve never claimed to be vegan, it’s about evolving in the beauty industry & moving past the old ways."

Plus, if you've seen the closet tours and hauls on Star's YouTube channel, you'd see that he has tons of Louis Vuitton leather bags. In fact, after he was "canceled in 2021," he posted a $200,000 shopping spree in response.

However, Jeffree Star Cosmetics may not be vegan either. In the FAQ of his website at the time of publication, it's stated that his skincare is vegan, but nothing is said about his makeup besides being cruelty-free.

A makeup brand can be considered cruelty-free and not vegan, if it isn't tested on animals, but still contains animal products. Although many argue a brand can't truly be vegan if it isn't also cruelty-free.

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Star has also gotten into some hot water since he's selling yak meat.

The questions around Star's veganism have sparked up once again because he's started a new business venture he said he would avoid. Back in 2020, he made the move from Los Angeles, where he's lived his whole life, to live on a 70-acre, $1.1 million ranch in Casper, Wyo. Here, he started Star Yak Ranch with its own Instagram account, where he shows off yaks he kept as pets.

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For the longest time, fans loved seeing Star caring for these yaks. But many people were surprised to find out that he secured the patient for butchering under the Star Yak name. But in a video titled "The Truth About Star Yak Ranch!," he cleared up the confusion.

In the video, Star said that all the yaks you see on his Instagram are actually pets. Those are kept separate from the yaks that are being raised for their meat. He also clarifies that at first, he wasn't planning on selling meat at all.

"There was never a plan to raise yaks for meat in the beginning," Star said in the video.

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"I know some people can't fathom that and want to say I'm a liar. I did trademark the Star Yak Ranch for all sorts of things — fiber, breeding, butchering, everything."

After moving from Los Angeles, Star said in the video and on Twitter that he learned so much about growing his own food and what he puts in his body. But it seems like veganism may not be in his future.

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