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A Guide to Using Eucalyptus Around the House

By Stephanie Osmanski

There are no holy tenets to being a zero waster but if there was one such document, one of the creeds would be that plants are a zero waster’s best friend. Not only do plants naturally break down into organic matter at the end of their lives (hello, compost bin!), but they also do amazing work to purify the air of pollutants and harmful toxins, as well as offer some other pretty sweet benefits as well. Take eucalyptus for example: Did you know just how much you can use eucalyptus for around the house?

Repel bugs

Eucalyptus is key for people who live in basement apartments, or any space where spiders seem to be making their webs overnight. Spiders hate eucalyptus, so using a eucalyptus spray or hanging the plant themselves throughout your home can do wonders for repelling the eight-legged creatures. But eucalyptus doesn’t just deter spiders; fleas, other bugs, and pests typically don’t like eucalyptus either and tend to stay away.

Hang it in the shower

There’s nothing like a good eucalyptus steam when you’re congested or coming down with something. Eucalyptus steam promotes immunity, decongest the sinuses, fight respiratory infections, and overall, promote wellness. To easily get the effect of a eucalyptus steam, hang a bouquet in the shower. The hot water will help steam the eucalyptus, and in no time, you’ll be able to breathe better.