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How to Filter Water Without Plastic

By Stephanie Osmanski

If you live in one of those enigmatic places with pure spring water or public bubblers of mountain water, then you’ve probably never had to worry about filtering water as a person who is zero-waste. But for those of us who don’t have the luxury of simply sipping our tap water (or want to take extra precautions to make sure our water is properly filtered), there is a way to purify water sans plastic.

When you opt for plastic-less water, you’re essentially saying no to the following options: bottled water, Brita pitchers, and even faucet filters, most of which have some plastic properties despite their activated carbon granule filtering system. This of course, still leaves water filters built into refrigerators in the running. If you have that kind of fridge, then you’re good to go; if you don’t, you can totally steal the fridge filter’s secret and use it to hack your own water — without any plastic at all.

Most filters — even Brita pitchers — rely on activated charcoal to purify water. Activated charcoal is used in many emergency situations to treat victims of overdose or poisoning. It has unique toxin-banishing abilities, as activated charcoal binds to atoms, ions, or molecules, therefore clearing toxins away, almost like a magnet. Activated charcoal has been linked to optimal kidney health, alleviating gas and intestinal bloating, discontinuing diarrhea, whitening teeth, and absorbing nasty microbes from injuries. In addition to all of these advantageous health benefits, activated charcoal can also purify our water.