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Source: ISTOCK

The U.K.'s First Certified Flushable Wet Wipes Are Finally Here


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When wet wipes say "flushable" on the package, they are usually — wait for it — not actually safe to flush. Because the term "flushable" isn't regulated, it can be used as freely and subjectively as something like "eco-friendly" or "clean." However, the U.K. is apparently sick of the fatbergs that wet wipes are causing in sewer systems (more on that in a moment), so the country has created an official “Fine to Flush” certification, The Guardian reported. (And that's fine as in OK, not fine as in a financial penalty.) The first company to apply for the certification has been approved, with new wet wipes set to hit the market in the U.K.

As Water Online reported, Water UK announced the "Fine to Flush" symbol for wipes packaging in mid-January. To qualify for use of the symbol, wipes have to be scientifically tested to ensure they do not contain plastic and that they will actually break down in the sewage system, Water Online explained. Natracare, a U.K.-based organic and natural personal care brand, is the first to gain the certification, according to The Guardian. The brand's new Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are already listed on Natracare's website.