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Source: ISTOCK

5 Tips to Get Kids of All Ages Involved in the Kitchen


There are so many reasons to get your kids involved in the kitchen from a young age. They'll learn foundational cooking skills, it will keep them away from screens, it could help picky eaters learn to like new foods, and, best of all, they could start cooking meals for you! (Once they're old enough, of course.) So if you're looking to get your child more involved in the kitchen, look no further, because we've got plenty of tips for doing just that.

Of course, your child's level of involvement will depend on their age, their maturity, and their zeal for learning about cooking. Before your kid graduates to a chef's knife, they should probably be completely adept at more basic kitchen skills. Not to mention, anytime a flame or oven is on, parental supervision is called for — so before your child can cook you a five-course meal, you'll probably have to put in a few hours of supervised practice.