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Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

"Eco-Village" That Produces Net Zero Emissions to Break Ground in Baltimore's Tivoly Triangle


When I hear the term "eco-village," I picture a bunch of green-minded people living zero-waste lifestyles on a sunny commune, trading dried beans for bamboo toothbrushes. (TBH, I'd love to move there for a few months.) But soon, Baltimoreans will have an eco-village of their own — albeit, a little more modern than the one I dream about. As reported by The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore lawmakers and a group of developers just announced that they are developing part of Baltimore's Tivoly Triangle into an "eco-village." All 79 houses in the neighborhood will produce net-zero emissions.

According to the Technical.ly Baltimore, the eco-village will consist of 79 homes, which will be a combination of 20 single-family houses and 59 duplexes. The developers estimate that each residence will cost between $250,000 and $290,000.