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Source: ICON

The First 3D-Printed Neighborhood Will Be Sustainable and Affordable, and It's Breaking Ground This Year


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In the future, building a house will take less time than buying one — and apparently, the future is now. Thanks to the nonprofit New Story and homebuilding technology company ICON, sustainable and affordable 3D-printed homes are finally becoming reality. The two organizations have teamed up to build the first 3D-printed neighborhood, scheduled to break ground in Latin America sometime this summer. To learn more about the technology behind ICON's 3D-printing, Green Matters spoke with Jason Ballard, cofounder and CEO of ICON, and Brett Hagler, cofounder and CEO of New Story.

Ballard tells Green Matters that each 3D-printed house will take two days or less to build, and that the community will be made up of at least 50 homes. Homes will be printed in a semi-rural, undisclosed location in Latin America, which will be unveiled sometime soon. As Fast Company reported, each home will cost about $7,000 to build. Hagler tells Green Matters in an email that the the homes are being funded through donors, adding that 100 percent of donations go directly towards building homes, while operational expenses are covered by private donors. Fast Company noted that the houses are being created for families who make less than $200 a month, and that the families will pay a monthly fee (without interest) for their homes. That money will go into a community fund, and not to New Story.