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Here’s How to Treat Fleas — the All-Natural Way


Nobody — I mean, nobody! — wants fleas. Not dogs, not cats, and certainly not humans. But did you know that many commercial flea medications can actually do more harm to your pet than good? Topical flea treatments might even contain toxic insecticides like popoxur and tetrachlorvinphos — two chemicals that can negatively affect your pet’s brain development and even cause cancer.

So, why go the toxic route when you can rid and prevent fleas in both a non-toxic and zero-waste fashion? The following flea treatments are all-natural and are either available in sustainable containers such as glass or can be bought in bulk, making them the more environmentally-friendly options.

Keep reading for four all-natural flea treatments!

Apple Cider Vinegar


There are many useful, zero-waste uses for apple cider vinegar around the house and flea treatment is one of them. It has been used to prevent pesky fleas for years thanks to its strong acidic levels and odor. While it is true that fleas hate apple cider vinegar, ACV can’t get rid of fleas, only prevent them. As it so happens, apple cider vinegar is also super healthy for dogs as it is alkaline-forming in the body, which means it can balance out your dog’s blood’s pH levels that can become acid-heavy. It also does wonders for a dog’s dry skin and adds shine to their coat!