Affordable Bidet Attachments to Take Your Toilet to the Next Level

Sophie Hirsh - Author

May 14 2021, Published 4:28 p.m. ET

Bidet attachments
Source: Tushy

The U.S. toilet paper shortage may be long over, but it’s not too late to invest in a bidet attachment. And these days, there are so many affordable bidet attachments out there that you can easily install on your toilet by yourself — or even take with you on the go.

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"Americans use an average of 57 sheets of TP every. single. day," Jason Ojalvo, CEO of bidet attachment company Tushy, told Green Matters last year. "Bidet users consume 80 percent less toilet paper, using just a few sheets to pat dry. The reality is, once you use a bidet to clean after pooping you cannot go back to wiping and toilet paper. You've learned too much! Wiping seems not just inefficient, but also barbaric, by comparison."

So if you’re looking to make your bathroom routine more eco-friendly (since you'll use less TP), affordable (since you’ll save money on TP), and clean (there are endless health benefits to using bidets), keep reading for to learn more about five of our favorite bidet brands on the market, each of which offers bidets under $100 (and some of which also offer very luxurious bidets for unthinkable prices).


Tush bidet attachment
Source: Tushy

The Tushy bidet is pretty much the Kleenex of bidet attachments — it's the one you get Instagram ads for, and the company's cheeky marketing has helped make bidet attachments a bit more mainstream in recent years. Each model features a self-cleaning nozzle, pressure and angle control, comes in a variety of colors, and does not need any plumbing or electricity. 

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The Tushy Classic 3.0 ($99) uses only cold water, and can be self-installed on pretty much any toilet in under 8.5 minutes, according to the company (but it took me at least two hours to set up my Tushy Classic a few years ago). And the Tushy Spa 3.0 ($119) has the added benefit of warm water, but must be near a sink to connect to the warm water supply. The company also sells a portable bidet called the Tushy Travel ($29).

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Like Tushy, Omigo also sells two self-cleaning bidet attachments that you can install yourself: the Element ($75), which uses cold water, and the Element+ ($93), which can be hooked up to a sink to use warm water.

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More interestingly, Omigo sells bidet toilet seats (starting at $279). Completely replace your existing toilet seat with one of Omigo’s, which all include an internal water heater tank (for two full minutes of warm water bidet action), five pressure settings, and an LED night light. Omigo’s pricier bidet toilet seats come with even more features, such as built-in warm air dryers and wireless remote controls.

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After WonderSpray’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign (the company had a $25,000 goal and raised $337,677), this electric “portable butt shower” is now available for preorder for $79. 

The tiny WonderSpray comes in several colors, and features an ergonomic design, four water pressure settings, an antibacterial nozzle coating, and it can be charged via USB (one charge will give you a month of use). It seems like a happy medium between a fancy bidet attachment with various settings and a basic portable bidet (many of which are just glorified sports bottles), but it requires no installation, and it can be taken on the go.

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The Greenco non-electric bidet attachment is the most affordable option on this list, at just $25 on Amazon. It can supposedly be easily installed with no tools, and it features a control dial that adjusts the pressure and angle. Plus, it has an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon, with more than 10,000 ratings.

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Bio Bidet

Bio Bidet sells a variety of bidet attachments, two of which are available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $70. The Bio Bidet Elite 3 Bidet Attachment uses cold water only, while the classic Bio Bidet Attachment offers a warm soft mist; both feature adjustable dual nozzle systems, and come with everything you need to install them yourself. 

Bio Bidet also sells electric bidet seats, starting at $300, as well as the Prodigy Smart Toilet, which is a high-tech toilet with a bidet subtly built in, for a whopping $2,400.

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