Shelter Rescues 400-Pound Pig After Adorable "Crime Spree" in Colorado


Oct. 6 2023, Published 2:44 p.m. ET

In October 2023, someone was wreaking havoc in the neighborhoods of Aurora, Colo. Authorities were stumped as to who was responsible for a multi-day crime spree that included traffic disturbances and property damage.

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It turned out that the culprit was not a person but a 400-pound pig. Here are the details on possibly the most adorable pig crime spree in Aurora, Colo.

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A massive pig was on the loose in Aurora, Colo. for days.

Representatives with the Aurora Police Department and Aurora Animal Services said on Oct. 5, 2023, the massive pig had been roaming city streets and neighborhoods for over two weeks, leaving destruction in his path, reports Denver7 News. Numerous calls were received about damage to property and traffic disruptions.

"We responded out a few times. The first couple of times, we were unable to find what was causing the problems," Augusta Allen, field supervisor for Aurora Animal Services, told Denver 7 News. "It took a lot of puzzle pieces getting put together before we could finally solve the problem."

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The problem was Fred, the giant pig. Authorities estimate that Fred weighs between 400 and 600 pounds, but they can’t pinpoint his exact weight because they don’t have a big enough scale.

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An animal shelter finally captured the pig.

Because of his size, capturing Fred was a challenge. He was “riled up,” and it took eight people to finally catch him, Allen told Denver7 News.

Fred has been relaxing at the Aurora Animal Shelter since his capture while authorities wait to find him a new home. They believed he was someone’s pet, but he got too big for them to handle.

CBS Colorado News reports that Fred’s owners may be avoiding coming forward to claim him because pigs are prohibited animals within the city of Aurora. If no one claims or adopts Fred, he may live the rest of his days at a livestock rescue.

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"He's very sweet, very loving, loves the attention. He's a big bore, and he was enjoying his holiday of running around the city," Allen told the station. "There is that possibility that he just got too big, and somebody just turned him out, not knowing what else to do. Fortunately, he wasn't hit by a car at any point, and he didn't create any bigger issues for himself. I just hope he gets to a place where it's a good home for him, and he gets to stretch his legs."

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As adorable as they are, pigs aren't the best house pets. Even pigs that are perceived to be smaller can grow well beyond their owners' expectations. According to the Best Friends Animal Society, trendy pet "teacup pigs" don't exist (you are adopting a potbelly piglet that has either been underfed or sold under pretenses), leading many people to miscalculate how big their new furry friend will get.

It isn't uncommon for pet pigs to be heartlessly discarded when they grow too big. Thus, if you have the opportunity and space to adopt a pig from a sanctuary or a rescue, you should!

We hope Fred finds a home, happy and healthy, somewhere he won't get into any more trouble.

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