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Source: Getty Images

SeaWorld Rebrands Its Last Shamu-Themed Attraction

By Carly Sitzer

SeaWorld has taken its final steps in distancing itself from Shamu, and the accompanying legacy of animals in captivity; earlier this year, it was announced that the water-centric theme park has rebranded its last remaining Shamu-themed attraction. 

The Shamu Express — a whale-themed roller coaster found at SeaWorlds San Antonio and Orlando — has been rebranded as Super Grover Box Car Derby, Orlando Weekly reported. The change comes as part of a Sesame Street attraction currently being built in the Orlando park, while San Antonio has long had a Sesame Street theme in the area around the former Shamu Express. In fact, it has long been speculated that SeaWorld will soon become a Sesame Place entirely. 

The latest — and final — move to rename the ride has come after several other moves to distance SeaWorld from the Shamu brand; last year, Orlando rebranded “Dine With Shamu” as “Dine With Orcas.” Additionally, in Florida, the “Shamu Emporium” has been reintroduced as the SeaWorld Store, a much more fitting name for the gift shop. In San Diego, the former “Shamu Stadium” housed shows featuring Orcas. Not only did they drop the Shamu moniker from the name of the venue, but also the focus of the show has shifted to be much more educational.