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Source: iStock

A chinchilla in the wild.

Serbia Has Officially Shut Down Fur Farms


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It’s been a decade since animal rights activists in Serbia came together to fight fur farms to help pass the 2009 Animal Welfare Act, which barred fur farming in the country of 7 million. The passing of the act gave a 10-year transitional period, which officially came to an end at the turn of the new year. 

According to Live Kindly, the new law protecting animals is expected to save as many as 12,000 chinchillas in Serbia annually. 

While the Fur Free Alliance — the coalition of animal rights groups that banned together to help make the ban a reality — saw hardships (most notably last year when fur lobbyist tried desperately to reverse the act in the final hour), they ultimately persevered — and many activists remain hopeful this will have an effect on the entire region. Snezana Milovanic, director of Serbian animal protection organization Freedom for Animals, explained in a statement her hopes for what this legislation will mean in the future.