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Source: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup’s System 001 Breaks Down While Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

By Carly Sitzer

System 001 — The Ocean Cleanup’s groundbreaking device for collecting garbage along The Great Pacific Garbage Patch — broke during its garbage-collective journey from California to Hawaii. 

According to System 001’s creator Boyan Slat — who launched The Ocean Cleanup — the U-shaped boom broke down due to the constant wind and waves of the Pacific, and will be towed about 800 miles to Hawaii for repairs. If the repairs can’t be done in Hawaii, it’ll be loaded on a barge to be taken back to its home port in Alameda, CA. 

While Slat, 24, isn’t happy with the news, he isn’t discouraged about his creation (which he invented when he was only 17) or his mission of cleaning up garbage.