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Source: iStock

Milan Plans to Plant 3 Million Trees by 2030

By Carly Sitzer

Milan is the latest city to embrace “going green” in a major way. According to the Associated Press, the Italian city revealed plans to plant 3 million trees by the year 2030. 

If successful, the increase in greenery could have a major impact on the lives of the fashion capital’s 1.4 million citizens; experts say that the new trees could “offer relief from the city’s muggy, sometimes tropical weather,” per AP. Milan officials also estimated that the 30 percent increase in trees could not only absorb an additional 5 millions tons of carbon dioxide a year, but also reduce PM10 small particulates by 3,000 tons over the course of the decade. However the biggest impact that the increased number of trees could have would be on the temperature, with estimates projecting that the new trees could lower the city’s temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius. 

The city already has a number of plans set forth to increase the number of trees; the metropolis shared their intentions to turn a no-longer-operating network of freight trains into a series of seven parks, with 25,000 trees planted each year; they also plan to plant trees in more than 2,000 school courtyards and on 10 million square meters of flat rooftops.