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Source: iStock

New Study: Cyclists Exposed to Less Air Pollution Than Any Other Commuters on Busy Roads

By Carly Sitzer

According to new research out of the United Kingdom, cyclists are exposed to less air pollution during their commutes than their driving, walking, and mass transit-taking counterparts. 

The Leeds-based research study founds that cyclists were exposed to 12M pollution particles during their journey — significantly less than the 19M particles experienced by bus commuters, the 20M particles by car commuters, and the 55M particles by walkers. 

The research, led by James Tate of the University of Leeds, had all the subjects leave at the same time during a 4-KM rush hour commute last June; all the participants used “a high quality portable pollution-measuring equipment,” The Guardian reported. The experiment found that the cyclists had the shortest average commute time (11 minutes) compared to the 25 minutes by bus commuters, 21 minutes for drivers, and 35 minutes for walkers.