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Source: iStock

India on Track to Reach Key Climate Goal a Decade Ahead of Deadline

By Carly Sitzer

In 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement that the country would set ambitious goals relating to sustainable development and climate justice in order to align itself with the Paris Agreement. And according to the United States-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), India is pacing to meet its ambition of 40 percent non-fossil fuel capacity a full decade ahead of its self-imposed deadline. 

As part of the Paris Agreement, it was requested that each country share their 2020 climate actions known as nationally determined contributions (NDC). According to the IEEFA, for India, the NDCs composed of three key targets: to achieve 40 percent electric power installed capacity by 2030; to reduce the emissions intensity of its gross domestic product by 33-35 percent from the 2005 level to 2030 through an increased focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy; and to create an additional 2.5-3 billion tons of carbon sinks. 

According to the IEEFA’s estimations, India’s plans that have already put in place will allow the country to achieve the first goal of 40 percent electric power capacity by the end of next year.