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Source: pexels

Tesla Is Helping This Small Island Run On Solar Energy

By Marissa Higgins

Many of us dream about living on a secluded island. While the reprieve from a busy, standard life can seem tempting, islands offer much more than just an extended vacation. In fact, they can be excellent places to put green energy to good use. For example, the island of Ta'ū, located in American Samoa, is being powered almost entirely via solar energy.

That's right: An entire island is nearly powered by green energy. Elon Musk is largely behind this. Tesla and SolarCity, the latter of which is the company acquired by Musk in 2016, generate energy from their SolarCity-developed microgrid. This electrical energy is almost entirely solar energy, and comes in at about 1.4 megawatts. 

For perspective, this means that 60 Tesla-branded Powerpacks, along with 5,328 solar panels, form the island's energy. Their total ability is to create about six megawatts of stored energy.