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Source: The Thames Project

This Guy Rides A Floating Bicycle While Fishing For Plastic


Some of us use our bikes to get in a good workout, make our commutes a little more eco-friendly, or ride with friends recreationally on the weekends. One man found an entirely different use for his bicycle: picking up plastic pollution while cycling on London's waterways. Yes, on the canal. Dhruv Boruah, an avid cyclist and environmentalist, learned how to rig his bike to float in the water as he collects trash. 

After racing a yacht across the ocean from London to Rio de Janeiro, Boruah, learned that another team competing in the same race had come across two turtles tangled in plastic in the middle the Atlantic Ocean. Thinking about trash he'd seen in the water at home and how it could impact marine life, Boruah felt compelled to act. A former consultant, he quit his job to work solely on advocacy and cleanup.