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Source: Facebook / Bambooccycles

5 Eco-Friendly Bikes To Ride This Summer


Every day people around the world get into their cars to commute to work or school. Many drivers are searching for more sustainable ways to get around and are starting to look back to the trusty bike. After all, this form of transportation has always offered plenty of perks. Financially, bikes don’t require gas money and have lower maintenance costs. In terms of convenience, bikes can be easier to park and of course, can help riders get their daily exercise in. 

Companies everywhere are beginning to take the traditional bike and adapt it to modern commuter needs. While gently used bikes are always a sustainable option, below are five eco-friendly bikes to consider adding to your morning ride.

1. Bambooccycles

When you think of bikes, you probably don’t imagine bamboo as a main component, but that’s exactly what Bamboocycles are made of. The company sources local raw materials for their bike frames which are made of bamboo and carbon fiber joints. 

For example, bamboo can generate 30 percent more oxygen than trees. Bamboo is also a famously fast growing plant which can be used as a renewable resource. This material is ideal for bikes because it can absorb significantly more shock than carbon fiber. It is also very lightweight compared to traditional bike materials, like steel. 

Although it may not be heavily built, bamboo is incredibly strong and can take on twice the compression force as steel. Unlike a helmet which is strong but not meant to last forever once it takes a hit, these bikes can take falls without losing their strength or structural integrity. Long lasting bikes are always a great sustainable option.