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Source: Pexels

Wales Officially Pledged To Become A 'Zero Waste' Nation By 2050

By Aimee Lutkin

In late 2017, The Guardian reported that Wales was the second-best nation in the world for households that properly recycle waste, though the U.K. as a whole was doing very poorly in the rankings. Just below Germany, Wales had a 63.8 percent recycling rate for "municipal solid waste." That means things like plastic, or other every day items that you throw in the trash without thinking about it during the day.

Their success came from the support of the government, which has set strong target goals for reducing trash and recycling. A Welsh government spokesperson told reporters, "Our success has been achieved through a comprehensive package of measures. These include statutory targets, funding, principled, progressive leadership and a firm commitment from local authorities and the Welsh public to reducing, reusing and recycling."

They've also been directing money to the programs that promote recycling, and have just taken it a step farther. Business News Wales reports that the Minister has directed £7.5 million to improve recycling services through their Collaborative Change Programme.