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Source: Pixabay

London's Historic 'Square Mile' District Will Run On 100% Renewable Energy

By Brian Spaen

London is setting a major milestone in going sustainable by the end of this year. Beginning this October, the city’s historic and primary business district will be running on 100 percent renewable energy. A number of corporations will add solar panels to their buildings, with others investing in these alternative sources.

The City of London Corporation announced last week on new plans to fully source their energy in sustainable methods. Not to be confused with the informal use of “the city of London,” this specific area is the central business district of London. It’s often referred to as the “City” or the “Square Mile,” though specific boundaries were changed in 1994 to exactly 1.12 square miles.

Many banking institutions have their headquarters located in the City, including Aviva, BT Group, and Prudential. It also hosts the Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London, and the London Stock Exchange. The biggest skyscraper in the area is the Leadenhall Building, which hosts a number of businesses and is commonly known as the “Cheesegrater.”