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Source: Pixabay

United Kingdom Sees Increase In Glass Milk Bottle Sales

By Brian Spaen

People are making the switch from plastic to glass milk bottles in the United Kingdom. The majority of dairy business have reported a rise in sales, including going back to the traditional method of delivering glass bottles to customers’ doorsteps. It’s a trend that’s surged in the first part of 2018 as people are limiting their plastic use.

Since the 1990s, milk delivery services have seen a continuous decline. According to DairyUK, the latest delivery figures are one million milk pints per day, which is approximately three percent of all milk sales. That includes both glass and plastic deliveries as that figure is mixed together.

Of the 20 milk-distributing businesses that got in touch with the BBC, 85 percent of them have seen an increase in glass bottle sales. There’s been a seven percent rise with Thomsons and Pensworth since January, and a 10 percent jump with Acorn and Brecon Milk. Milk & More, the biggest company on the list, revealed that 90 percent of their over 15,000 new customers from the beginning of the year.