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Source: Pixabay

Biggest Wind Farm Project Yet Approved In New South Wales

By Brian Spaen

New South Wales has approved one of the biggest wind farms in all of Australia. The Liverpool Range Wind Farm will be developed by Epuron, a local renewable energy company, and it’s expected to have over one gigawatt of power capacity. While smaller than what was previously announced, it’ll create 800 construction jobs and will power around 380,000 homes.

The Liverpool Range wind project will carry a price tag of nearly $640 million. According to Renew Economy, the project will stretch across the Northern Tablelands “on 25 different properties between the villages of Coolah and Cassillis east of Mudgee.” It’ll be approximately 22 miles from north to south and over 12 miles east to west.

Epuron introduced the concept of the wind farm on a larger scale back in 2011, but was met with some skepticism on the amount of wind turbines that were going to be installed. Other issues included the impacts construction would have on local farming, noise level in the community, and damage to natural habitats.