3 Women Are Rowing Across The Atlantic To Fight Plastic Pollution

Though they've never done anything quite like it before, Status Row is embarking on a seven week journey across the ocean in order to support the biggest ocean cleaning charity in their country.


Nov. 19 2020, Updated 9:39 p.m. ET

Jess, Caroline, and Susan are three women who have set themselves an amazing goal: they plan to row across the Atlantic Ocean this coming December, in support of the Marine Conservation Society. The MCS runs something called the “Clean Seas” program, Live Kindly reports, and they're the leading charity in the United Kingdom for promoting clean oceans.

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The Clean Seas program is part of the MCS initiative to identify pollutants that are having a damaging effect on marine life, and work to discover their sources so they can be stopped. For example, MCS campaigned for a plastic bag charge, and were successful. They also advocated for labeling microbeads in the bath products that contaminate the water system after being washed down bathroom drains.

The team, which calls itself “Status Row,” is participating in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge under the MCS banner. The trip is estimated to take 50 days, and if they finish, they'll be the second ever all-female trio to row across the Atlantic. It's an incredibly demanding trip that can wear out the body—in addition to being in top condition for the actual rowing, they'll need to contend with sleep deprivation and maybe salt sores developed during the trip. But they are honored to do it.

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In a statement, the team said:

“We believe that tackling the plastic pollution crisis starts with the individual. We hope to bridge the gap between awareness and action by inspiring everyday changes that add up when we make them together.”

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Status Row is keeping their followers updated on their website, where they identify themselves as "office workers" whose current "biggest daily challenge is crossing London at rush hour." They're set to launch from the Canary Island and land in Antigua. To put it in more perspective, they mention that fewer people have completed this rowing challenge than have climbed Mount Everest.

Sponsors for Status Row will be helping to pay for their boat and supplies. The boat itself will be sold after the challenge is complete, and the money will be donated to MCS. Further support with also go to MCS. They've already got some corporate sponsorship going, but are welcoming anyone else who wants to follow their journey. On a seven week trip across the ocean, you want to feel like the world has got your back.

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