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Source: Pixabay

Green Energy Passes Nuclear Power For First Time In U.K.

By Brian Spaen

Wind and solar energy has surpassed nuclear power for the first time in the United Kingdom. Based on the government’s data, 18.33 terawatt-hours of renewable power was generated compared to 16.69 terawatt-hours of nuclear energy in the fourth quarter of 2017. It’s a massive jump from the same time a year before, and it’s now on the path to catch gas.

The Department for Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services, which was created by Prime Minister Theresa May back in the summer of 2016, also revealed that three percent of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions fell last year. Transition to renewable energy from coal was the biggest cause for that decrease.

In total, low-carbon sources, which includes wind, solar, nuclear and biomass, increased by nearly five percent from 2016. That made a big dent into power generated from gas, falling from over 40 TWh to 36.12 TWh in a span of a year. Gas is still fairly dominant in the UK’s energy generation, but it won’t be for long at this rate.